Kitchen Counter Top Of The Week

Kitchen Counter Top Of The Week

We don’t choose favorites, because every job we do is equally loved. If we must highlight one truly gorgeous kitchen it would be for Patricia and Carl. These homeowners were able to choose a beautiful slab from our showroom. Our installers made a large backsplash to compliment the large kitchen top. Notice the dark color patterns which make this unique, contrasting with the cabinetry. A great look! The surface created using this natural stone will last a lifetime, and withstand anything it comes into contact with. Congrats on your new kitchen Pat and Carl!

granite kitchen counter

Explore the Possibilities With Granite Remnants

Explore the Possibilities With Granite Remnants

One person’s trash is another persons treasure. A term used by many. How does it apply to granite, you ask? It’s much less confusing than you think. Come check out our granite remnants.

Every day our technicians are cutting beautiful, giant slabs of natural stone down to an exact dimension. We have thousands of full size slabs in stock, taken directly from our own quarries in Brazil. We are left with hundreds of smaller pieces still useful, and full of beauty. We have many different shapes, and sizes available for you. Our team will create a beautiful top finished with an edge, and ready for your vanity.


granite remnants


The potential is great for these little treasures. Come by our show room today and speak with our design team. We are happy to help you find the perfect granite remnant. 

Counter Tops That Truly Beautify

Counter Tops That Truly Beautify

Natural beauty provides great inspiration, and can be found in granite. Each piece we sell has the potential to add tremendous value to your home. Our team has had the pleasure of satisfying clients who are searching for a certain look. We want to share with you only a few of these recent examples of our work. We invite you to come in and ask any of our associates for any specific information you like.

beautiful granite countertop

This large island has a very unique look. The contrast in this stone makes it very appealing. It was cut from a slab on our lot, and installed. Our client will be able to enjoy the quality of this natural stone for life with no maintenance required except simple cleaning.

Here is example of contrast that is created in this bathroom by pairing a shiny black granite top with white cabinets. Striations in the granite add a look found nowhere else. This dual vanity is polished beautifully.

dark polished granite vanity

Our team can create any size or shape of top in a timely manner. This corner vanity has been given tremendous warmth, and natural beauty. This top and backsplash has beautiful color to it.

yellow granite vanity top

We hope you enjoy seeing what we have been doing lately for homeowners. Our belief is that any living space can be given a truly natural, beautiful look with only a little hard work. Come see our hard working team today, and ask us how we can help!

Natural Stone – Unfinished Dark Granite Countertops

Natural Stone – Unfinished Dark Granite Countertops

The overall effect is warm and inviting, with a rustic look.

It also further enhances the fact that your slab is a unique, natural material and that its beauty lies in its variations.

This is called a Honed/ Leather Finish

With a honed finish, the polishing process ends before buffing to create a matte or low-gloss sheen that lacks the highly reflective, mirror-like look of traditional granite. It is not as common as polished granite, so gives a unique, softer honed finish which is particularly popular among homeowners wanting an aged or casual vintage/ farmhouse look.

We have natural stone countertops available for clients to see. Come in to find out more about how we can help you achieve the perfect look for your home. We look forward to serving you soon.