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About Granite Countertops


Granite countertops have the potential to truly beautify your home interior, and pieces come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. 


It is also the most durable of all the options with qualities such as fire resistance, and stain resistance. Granite is one of the most durable of all building materials because the quartz and feldspar in it are highly resistant to normal weathering. Granite countertops will endure for years without significant change in color or durability. The hardness and uniform wearing qualities of most granite make them extremely desirable and economically practical for countertops, floors and stairs. We have all shapes, and sizes for your project as well as granite remnants which are pieces cut from larger slabs on our lot.


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Marble, Granite, & Quartz Counter Tops

If you are looking for counter tops you have definitely came to the right place. Our experience providing homeowners with lasting, beautiful, marble & granite countertops can’t be matched. Making sure you get the right look for your home is important, and we have over 20,000 slabs of marble and granite in stock. We also have a huge assortment of remnants available if you have some smaller jobs to do. If you need granite, marble, or quartz stop in or call us today. We are happy to assist.

Making sure you get the right look for your home is important, and we have over 20,000 slabs of marble and granite in stock.  

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Selecting Granite

Granite is a product of nature with hundreds of varieties available, each possessing unique characteristics. Little can be done to alter the condition in which nature presents these varieties to us. Granites are formed by nature; thus there are variations in the tonal qualities of the stones. However, it is these natural differences that make granite unique, valuable, and highly desirable. Because of these variations, selection of a granite should never be made on the basis of small samples only. It is recommended that selection be based on viewing sufficient samples or big samples enough to show the complete range of colors of the desired stone.

Our clients enjoy the convenience of shopping for granite at Countertops & More. We have created an environment with you in mind, so that you get the look you want.


Marble Counter Tops


Marble is a rock that forms when limestone is subjected to the heat and pressure of metamorphism, it is composed primarily of the mineral calcite. After being sanded with progressively finer abrasives, marble can be polished to a high luster. This allows attractive pieces of marble to be cut, polished and used as floor tiles, architectural panels, facing stone, window sills and many other pieces of decorative stone. Marble is not as resistant as granite, the calcite makes the marble more susceptible to abrasion, stain and to attack by acidic agents, but even though it requires more care and maintenance, marble is widely used on bathroom and kitchen countertops.

Marble is admired for it’s elegance, and natural swirl patterns found. This natural stone has been admired for centuries. Let us know if this is the option you are considering, and we will be happy to help.


Quartz Counter Tops

Quartz is unlike marble & granite because quartz is a man-made stone. Formed using a type of resin, quarts tends to be less stain resistant & heat resistant than granite. Quartz comes in many different colors. We have quartz displays set up inside for your viewing pleasure. Contact us for more information.