Granite Countertop Back Splash

Back Splash on granite countertops is a great idea. There are so many reasons people love having a great back splash. First is because having an extremely durable, easy to clean surface adds to the usefulness and beauty of a kitchen. There are many choices to consider.  

This is a very modern dark looking combination. The chrome faucet really contrasts well against the darkness of the stone. We chose to use a dark colored sink in order to match the colors in the counter and backsplash.

Here is a more decorative look that matches the tan and beige granite colors with a neatly designed tile backsplash. The surfaces are very durable, and easy to clean. The stainless sink and faucet complete the look of this kitchen vanity.


Here is a beautiful pattern that really works well together. The light and dark colored pattern in the backsplash helps to balance the color tones. The chrome faucet adds to the beauty of this kitchen vanity. 

Many different choices are available for you to look at inside our North Fort Myers showroom. Our design team is available to assist you if you are interested in a new kitchen vanity. If you choose to purchase a new vanity, we will serve you from the time you walk in until the product is installed. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.