How many trips do you make when grilling outside to the kitchen before you have gathered all the items needed to create your favorite dish? If you are like me, you might be thinking “Well, too many, that’s for sure. I’m tired just at the thought of it!”

Nothing is better than the flavor of a freshly grilled piece of meat, seasoned to perfection, cooked to the perfect temperature. It’s the kind of meal you pay good money for… You know what I’m talking about. You have a side dish ready, seasoning, entrée, cold drinks, and hungry people. What you may not have is a convenient way of bringing all those things together for a wonderful time of eating and outdoor enjoyment.




Don’t despair. There is a way of satisfying your taste buds, and your happiness. Our team has been working with Florida residents for many years, making outdoor kitchens that fit them perfectly. We take pride in being able to achieve a fabulous outdoor kitchen whether it’s a large area with appliances, or just a small counter top and cabinet. You may choose which appliances you would like when shopping with us. Choices include grills, drawers and refrigerators to name a few. The extra space we create for your home will make cooking out a tremendous joy. The extra storage will mean that you no longer will have the daunting tasks of fumbling your way through your house with a plate of utensils, seasonings and food.


granite kitchen

Call us today, or come in to any location to speak with a representative. We are able to show you our innovative product, and get all the details we need to make your dream come true. Our goal is to have the project finished as quick as possible. On average we can design, and install any size outdoor kitchen in 2 weeks from the time we first meet. You will be able to choose from our huge assortment of over 20,000 slabs, cut from our own quarries. Contact us today, and you will see how Countertops & More is the right choice for your outdoor kitchen project.